All About Firebrick

Firebrick has many different names. Some people call them fire clay bricks, while others have other similar names. Regardless of the name you prefer to call them, firebricks are very important for the construction of new homes, buildings, business, and more. It is important that you consider insulating firebrick for added comfort and protection, but there is much more that you also need to know as well.

Firebricks, which earned most of their nicknames due to the fact that they are made almost entirely of clay, are very heavy and dense, with low porosity levels. They are strong and durable, and most appreciate the fact that they last for many years.

The firebricks with included insulation have been used in many industries for many years. Most people are unaware of the fact that they are even in use. They are used for a number of purposes when building a home and/or a fireplace, offering low heat storage properties and low thermal conductivity. They are used in one of two ways, and that is either as backing insulation for dense brick set ups or hot face layers.

Additional information that you may wish to know includes:

  • Firebricks contain a low iron content
  • The bricks are resistant to thermal shock
  • They offer low density rates
  • They are affordable to purchase, especially when in bulk quantity
  • Provide a more comfortable living environment or workspace
  • Offer amazing energy savings

There are several grades of firebricks available. The insulated type is the most popular of all. It is worth their use, and if you are unfamiliar with them at this time, it is time to learn what you can so you, too, can reap the benefits. What are you waiting for?